Governing Obesity

Governing Obesity (GO) was set up to provide novel means for governing obesity and its consequences via effective interventions at the societal and individual level, from an early stage towards the morbidly obese individuals, while avoiding unintended and negative effects.

Project GO was one of 18 research initiatives established in 2013 as part of the University of Copenhagen Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research (2016). The initiative ended by the end of 2017.


A core assumption behind GO is that obesity is not one problem, but rather should be viewed as a complex challenge, which must be addressed differently depending on age, stage of obesity and severity of medical co-morbidities. This assumption is applied in GO by organizing the research in five interconnected work packages, each involving scientists from several faculties and scientific disciplines.




















































































About project GO

The initiative was the next step in the establishment of truly integrated interdisciplinary obesity research at University of Copenhagen, harvesting the synergy at the interface between the disciplines and still exploiting the scientific excellence in each discipline.






























































































Head of Governing Obesity
Bente Merete Stallknecht
Prorector, Professor

Phone +45 3532 7540