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24 January 2018

Report on integration of social science and humanities

Last week the Copenhagen EU Office presented the final report from roundtable discussion 30.11.2017 on Integration of Social Science and Humanities.

On November 30, 2017 Copenhagen EU Office, University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School organised a roundtable discussion on interdisciplinary research and integration of social sciences and humanities (SSH). The planning of the event had its outset in the experiences from the Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Copenhagen and included presentations from  Governing Obesity and Social Fabric. The meeting comprised of presentations on 1) framework conditions for SSH integration and 2) examples of successful project examples with regard to SSH integration. The discussion is summarised in the following recommendations:

New instruments should be introduced in future funding programmes aimed at promoting interdisciplinary research to understand and address complex social and societal questions.

The research community recommends a new approach to drafting calls for funding proposals that opens up for more inclusion of disciplines relevant to the problem and the specific project.

The SSH community need to create new role models and showcase interdisciplinary experiences to inspire the wider community.