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10 June 2013

Social sciences and humanities at ECO2013

The objective of the European Congress on Obesity is to provide an annual forum for dissemination of information about research advances in the field of obesity and to identify, debate and promote innovative preventive and treatment strategies to reduce the prevalence of obesity and its associated burden of diseases.

The 12th-15th of May 2013, ECO took place in Liverpool, Great Britain, where researchers from Governing Obesity together with colleagues from Germany and France shared a session representing the social sciences and humanities research-environment in obesity research. The 1½ hour session was entitled “Towards transdisciplinarity: Social sciences and Humanities in obesity research" and was chaired by Professor Lotte Holm. The session was initiated by a presentation on the increased focus on social sciences and humanities aspects in obesity research in Horizon 2020 by Professor Lotte Holm and Professor Thorkild I. A. Sørensen, UCPH.

After the introduction, Professor Peter Sandøe (UCPH) presented his talk “They should just pull themselves together and eat less - a critical discussion of public attitudes to obesity and obesity treatment“ which were followed up by professor Anja Hilbert, University of Leipzig, Germany who gave the talk “Transdisciplinary approaches to bariatric surgery”. The session were concluded with a talk by professor Pierre Lévy, Université Paris-Dauphine, France on “The contribution of economics to the study of obesity”.