International dimension

Internationalisation and interdisciplinary approaches in Governing Obesity

The researchers in Governing Obesity all boast a number of international collaborations and networks through academic societies, partnerships in international research consortia and as members of scientific advisory boards.

International interdisciplinary research initiatives in obesity are identified and contacted to explore the possibilities for concrete research collaborations, method harmonisation and joint strategic efforts to attract grants in Horizon2020.

Scientists from Governing Obesity are establishing an EU network for 'Social Sciences and Humanities'-research in obesity to identify ways to unleash the potential of the full spectra of the social sciences and humanities in obesity research as well as support and showcase genuine transdisciplinary obesity research that combine biomedical sciences and social sciences and humanities.

Governing Obesity supports individual internationalisation plans for our junior scientists in order to stimulate personal international networks, and this includes support of visits abroad and collaborations on complementary knowledge, data, samples, analytical platforms and other relevant topics.

In addition, we identify and build relations to international Research Excellence Initiatives that share our interdisciplinary approach.

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