Interdisciplinarity research - obesity as a showcase

Governing obesity through interdisciplinary approaches

To create true interdisciplinary research, there is a need to mobilise and integrate different relevant scientific disciplines in true synergetic collaborations.

In Governing Obesity we build upon and expand from core people and projects from prior interdisciplinary initiatives, establishing a new level of truly integrated interdisciplinary obesity research, harvesting the synergy at the interface between the disciplines while exploiting the scientific excellence in each of the disciplines.

To better understand obesity, we combine insights on human physiology, biomedicine, epidemiology, history, societal structures, social institutions and political regulation and many more. Because obesity is a complex phenomenon, it allows us to take this approach and work as an obvious showcase on how to integrate social sciences and humanities with biomedical research.

By combining quantitative and qualitative methods, develop novel models and possibly new paradigms that recognize and incorporate the fact that obesity is the consequence of complex interactions of a multitude of factors, we aim to identify better and more complex solutions in addressing obesity.

We have ambitious aims and visions with Governing Obesity, and build on hands-on experience in the highly difficult interdisciplinary field. We consider the interdisciplinary knowledge production in the Governing Obesity-initiative particularly relevant for the developing project portfolio at the university.